In order to serve the local churches in their specific contexts, SEMBEQ offers a wide range of training tools and opportunities, so that each community may benefit from them according to their needs.



SEMBEQ courses are offered in different educational formats offering greater flexibility and diversity for students, whether they are near or far major centres. Here is a list of the methods and their descriptions :


This type of course is given in a classroom by a local or a guest professor. It takes place over a period of three to six days. School work and study are usually required before and after the lectures.


This type of course is given in a classroom by a local professor. It takes place over a period of three to six months through weekly or monthly classes. (Cohort courses are held monthly). Assignments and study are required through the entirety of the course.


Some classes are filmed and broadcast to students through the internet. The duration of these courses and the requirements are the same as for the students who physically attend the course.


This type of course is given through video conferences by a local or guest professor. These courses function in the same way as the lectures. Though there are no students on site, all class hours are held through a web-based video conferencing platform. These are offered by SEMBEQ through the Zoom software.


This type of course is taught through an educational platform in which the lectures, the recordings and the instructions for the course are given (SEMBEQ uses the Moodle educational platform). While remaining flexible, this type of course is offered over a period of three to six months. While still respecting the deadlines, the student has the flexibility to determine his or her own lecture schedule. Weekly school work is normally required.


This type of course is taught at a local church by a pastor or an elder. It takes place weekly or monthly for a period of three to six months depending on the schedule given by the teacher. School work and study will need to be done both during and after class.


Some SEMBEQ lectures are recorded in order to offer them to future students. This allows us to better serve online students who wish to accelerate the rate of their course. SEMBEQ offers students access to an audio and/or video recording that can be listened to or viewed at the student’s convenience. A specific period, including a start and an end date, will be determined in consultation with the office of the Registrar. During that time, the student will have to finish all work required in the course curriculum.


SEMBEQ offers a plan for the cycle of discipleship, with references to resources that will orient the mentor in his or her ministry. It is a simple and practical approach that aims for spiritual progress and maturity for every disciple, regardless of age and experience.

The plan is very flexible and can be adapted to a short-term or long-term development. It will always be custom-built and personalized, while staying relevant and effective in the majority of church contexts where disciples are trained.


Depuis plusieurs années, SEMBEQ organise des événements de qualité visant le ressourcement et l’édification de l’Église du Québec. Conférences, colloques et retraites ont accueilli plusieurs présentateurs de renom qui, partageant leur expertise dans divers domaines, ont contribué à la crédibilité de notre mandat : servir l’Église locale.