As commissioned by its association of churches, SEMBEQ exists to assist in raising up the next generation of Christians in Quebec. Specifically, SEMBEQ acts as a tool of the local churches in the training of their members and leaders.

As a context-based and church-based seminary, most of SEMBEQ’s courses are taught within local churches. In some cases, a regional center will host courses that bring several churches together for the training. According to this biblical perspective, the church will benefit from the presence of each member and the student will in turn have an enriched experience through the participation of the congregation in his or her growth before God and men. There are also specialized courses that are occasionally given by experts on the subject, either pastors or guest professors. These are usually given on SEMBEQ’s premises or in a particular region.


The Evangelical Baptist Seminary of Quebec is a servant to the members of the Evangelical Baptist Churches Association (AEBEQ, in French). SEMBEQ exists to help local Churches and their leaders train their current and future leaders by a practical and active application of the teaching throughout different Church ministries.

SEMBEQ wishes to encourage, inform and equip Churches, and especially leaders, regarding in their mission of training leaders and ministry workers.

SEMBEQ’s primary goal is to train students in the knowledge of the whole counsel of God and to help them develop the tools to become well-rounded servants.

SEMBEQ wants to assist current and future elders/pastors, deacons, and other leaders (men or women) in developing their natural abilities and spiritual gifts so that they are able to carry out their ministry.

SEMBEQ wishes to help Churches foster among their students a discipline worthy of the Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ in their knowledge, skills, and character.

HOLISTIC training

We believe in the balanced development of a person in three aspects:


A better knowledge of God, His Word, the nature of the Church and of its mission, as well as an intellectual and doctrinal growth.


Growth in personal character, helping the person to cultivate good spiritual habits, to watch over his/her own person before God, their family, and their Church.


Developing the essential competencies for the uplifting of a healthy Church, so that the student may become an experienced worker in evangelism and disciple-making.