Coaching Project

In response to a growing demand to be equipped to take on a coaching role, we are implementing an action plan to revitalize coaching within our Church family.

We want to work with you towards giving francophone churches access to training that is as complete and beneficial as possible. In order to do so, there are various projects and various ways in which you can take part.In order to share our theological resources with as many people and communities as possible, we need financial help (student tuition only covers a portion of total operating costs). Your donations towards the general fund serve several projects as well as the seminary’s administration.

If there is a particular area that is on your heart, you can participate through “designated gifts.” Take the time to get familiar with these projects and please don’t hesitate to share any question that may come to mind.


Another way you can be a part of God’s work in Quebec and beyond is through your personal strengths and capacities! To list only a few ideas, we often need help with written translation into English, language revision, and graphic design. If there is any way that you feel you could serve the Kingdom with us, please let us know! We’d love to discuss some ways that your skills could be a good fit with the needs needs & vision of the seminary. Thanks in advance!

Together, we can spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the French-speaking world. Our churches need to build up men and women willing and able to do the ministry work they are called to, and we want to do all we can to support them.

Thank you for your generosity!

General Funds

We identify different needs at SEMBEQ. We would like to increase the employees’ salaries in order to reach the actual market average. We wish to invest in the update of our IT equipment. Our services provides 30% of our revenues and 70% is provided by donations.


SEMBEQ, as a seminary ministering in the French world, makes it its duty to offer French material as much as possible. Our library includes books, reference work, periodicals, and electronic documents. You can consult our listing by clicking on Library. All loans are free. Every donation for the library will allow us to purchase additional books.

Technological tools for online courses

Need : 2000 $ per course

An increasing amount of students take courses with web streaming or with on-line access to academic material. In fact, the new cohorts can be virtual thanks to technology. Some courses are available via web streaming and on site simultaneously. More time, human and technological resources are required in order to offer a good service to online students.


Need: $1000 or $5000 per scholarship

Our cohort members can benefit from scholarship support. Students have to meet certain conditions. The Gold scholarship program of $5000 is granted annually for a period of six years to students who place a request with SEMBEQ.

The Silver scholarship program of $1000 is renewable each year. Students have to place a request each year. This scholarship is applicable on tuition fees, books, and handbooks.

Expansion of the graduate degree program

Many of our teachers are foreigners or do not come from Quebec. Our desire is to generate teachers from Quebec. We want to train our future theologians and professors and qualify them to teach the next generations of believers.

We would like to improve our graduate degree program by hiring qualified professors and by offering didactic and audiovisual material that will contribute to effective and superior teaching.

Support one of our workers

Some members of our team serve as missionaries in Quebec. You may come alongside them and their families.