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Our context

In a province undergoing a spiritual revival, SEMBEQ was born in Quebec in the 1970’s from the burning need to train leaders to care for its numerous new churches.


The scholarships I received encouraged my young Church to invest in my training despite their limited resources.

Matthieu Gauthier
  • For Dave Harvey’s exhortations at our recent conference for both elders and elders in training.For the growing number of courses offered throughout our various programs to cohorts and in Churches.
Join us in prayer
  • For our Nouvelle Saison (A new season) conference on November 17, specifically designed for people aged 50 and over: that God will prepare the participants’ hearts to review their priorities and retirement plans, and that he will guide and give wisdom to the speakers.For our new Evangelization School, a one-year intensive training program for young people aiming at raising their awareness about the importance of spreading the Good News, more specifically to witnessing more on campus.

Having consistant financial support allowed me to complete my Masters and begin teaching Apologetics at SEMBEQ.

Alexandre Farley

Let’s visit
Would you like to learn more about SEMBEQ? We would love to meet you.

Would you like to learn more about SEMBEQ? We would love to meet you.

If you wish to have SEMBEQ visit your local church, we can participate in:

  • Your prayer meetings
  • Your adult sunday school
  • Your large gatherings

Or if you wish to come visit us in Quebec, you are more than welcome to come see what God is doing here. We will gladly introduce you to some of God’s people serving in this province.

Please write directly to the president of the seminary at It will be his pleasure to explore various opportunities with you.