Knowledge Is Not Enough

One of SEMBEQ’s missions is to lead students to the knowledge of the whole will of God, to help them develop their natural abilities and spiritual gifts through the exercise of ministry to become accomplished servants. This objective is achieved through our holistic training, which consists in developing each student in the three following areas:
  • KNOWLEDGE : A growing doctrinal and practical knowledge of God, his Word, the Church and its mission.
  • CHARACTER : A student’s personal and spiritual growth in godliness in all spheres of his life.
  • COMPETENCE : The acquisition of ministry skills enabling the student to serve in a local Church to accomplish God’s Work.
One-on-one coaching remains one of the main pillars of this training model. We are pleased to welcome Jean-Pierre Gagné to the position of Coaching Coordinator. God provides so well as SEMBEQ is preparing to take another step towards training by acquired competencies in which coaching holds greater importance. Indeed, we plan to extend the structure of the Immerse program to a larger number of programs. We will keep you informed of this project’s progress and the positive impacts these changes will have on students.
“Coaching consists of accompanying a protégé. It includes caring for the heart through the Gospel, practical theology, humble and powerful leadership, service in fear of God, non-religious piety, intentional, spiritual, and relational mission, reflection and analysis based on wisdom from above, context-specific guidance and the invitation to disciple.” Jean-Pierre Gagné