Gospel or Social Justice?

On May 27-29, over 100 participants benefited from the valuable teaching of Don Carson and Thabiti Anyabwile as they explored the believer’s responsibility in addressing the complex challenges resulting from injustice such as racism, oppression, and systemic poverty.

“In recent years, the issue of social justice and its implications for the Church has grown in Quebec and an increasing number of believers, local Churches, and ministries are speaking up and taking tangible action. However, these efforts are causing divisions within our Association. We need to come together to think and ponder theologically about these issues in order to avoid divisions. This course was a wonderful opportunity to sit together and reflect on what God tells us in his Word about the issues of social justice, the mission of the Church, and our mandate as believers in a fallen world. The conversation is not over, but I believe that this course has certainly helped establish a solid biblical foundation for future reflection.”

Janick Fortier
SEMBEQ Registrar