Since student tuition cannot fully cover the seminary’s operation costs, our directors and some of our staff are supported as missionaries for the development of God’s Kingdom.

Francois Turcotte

Executive director of SEMBEQ Puts in place all the necessary tools for the training of 200 workers, 200 elders, 200 women. Ensures that 20 “Antioch” training centers are established.

François Picard

Coaching director

Coach of coaches. Oversees activities at SEMBEQ. Helps churches in the creation of a training plan.

Sylvain Paradis

Events and Church-based courses coordinator

Equip churches in establishing and structuring a training program following SEMBEQ’s standards. Coordinate SEMBEQ’s events and conferences.

Janick Fortier

Academic Dean Assistant

Develop and encourage theological training in the local churches within our family of churches. Meet and assist students to provide them with a program that will encourage their spiritual and theological growth. Work to ensure the preservation of sound doctrine.

Jean-Sébastien Morin

Research and writing professor of the New Testament

Teaching, mentoring students, writing quality French theological books and material.

Zachary Diamanti

United States representative

Inform the Church outside Quebec of the dire needs in Quebec. Act as a liaison between the Church outside Quebec and inside Quebec, helping to link those outside Quebec with the appropriate opportunities to serve in Quebec. Ultimately, his role is to bring more missionaries (short-term, long-term, partners, etc.) from outside to Quebec.